About Us - The Mootiful Story

Once upon a time far far away, where the hills are emerald green and scattered with beautiful cows there lived two sisters who loved to draw and paint. Emma studied at Art College then became a freelance designer; her work was sold all over the world.
Anna followed in her sisters size 5’s, going to Art College then moving to the city where she worked in restaurants.

As the years passed by Emma was not a happy chappy creating designs for ‘big wig’ companies while never scoring the brownie points she deserved, at home her kitchen table looked like the leaning tower of paint pots. Meanwhile Anna had spilled enough soup & smashed more plates than guests at a Greek wedding, finishing work so late that even her friend Cinderella was home before her. The sisters missed each other so much - like fish without chips.

Emma had an idea to open a shop full of sugar and spice with handmade gifts that are so nice, a shop so beautiful that even the cows would call it Mootiful.